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CGI is the best!

Another sizzling day in Gan Izzy!!!


Our rolling spirits were hard at work today, as we all arrived at The Works!! Boy, that science project was a real hit, and all those cool worky thingys we got to explore were awesome!  Like playing a harp without strings, sending a handmade car zooming down the lane, and building with life sized bricks! 

Bouncing back on the bus with music, dancing, and guest DJ's, we got back to camp and made an awesome birthday party for Tayna!!!! 

Dasvedanya CGI, we shall see you again soon...

Tisha Beav update!


So much fun was packed into a half a day!

We commemorated this day by sitting on the floor instead of chairs, not learning torah, but yes davening that the Beis Hamikdash be built and that Tisha Beav turn into a Yom Tov!!

After a smashing lineup (with our counselors bunk!!) And davening, we got to have an amazing puppet show talking all about the problem of bullying and how to avoid it.

Then straight to Achdusdikke lunch in a circle on the floor and a counselor signature hunt, and before you could blink it was back out again for dismissal!

See you tomorrow Gan Izzy, with Moshiach!!

Oh, and get those smileys ready for SIMCHA SMILEY WEDNESDAY!!



Historic? all the more fun for Gan Izzy!

We went on a walk into the past at Historical Fort Snelling today!! What a blast, what fun! To see all these old fashioned stuff, like a blacksmith making iron things with his own hands! (huh?? Who ever heard of doing such a thing? :) ) and a real cannon!!

Cheering our way back to Gan Izzy was super fun, and writing letters to the soldiers in Israel was super exciting! We hope those good soldiers like them!

After our grand raffle this afternoon, it was quite hard to say goodbye to 2 of our wonderful  campers, Levi and Yossi, who left on their way to continue their shlichus... 

We miss you both already! 



And what an Achdus day it was!

We had a blowout of a day when we were lucky enough to host 2 different camps for the day!

I must mention how all our campers have done the camp proud, being amazing dugma chayas! listening when needed, participating and cheering with spirit! Yasher Koach!

After an Achdus'dikke lunch all together, with some words and a new song from our dear Rabbi Feller 'שי, we teamed up with new friends while the Big G's went to set up shop for what else but a .... CARNIVAL !

What a  carnival!  Campers could be found all over sticking their heads into bowls of water trying to bite the apple, being blindfolded, tasting wacky concoctions to guess what they are, shaving the cream off balloons and a whole bunch more! and of course, of course,  the moonbounce!!

We really had a ball, decorating the art project, enjoying the yummy sugar floss, and getting our paces fainted! oops, i meant faces painted ;)


Wow day!!


Wooow. Just wooow. Yes. With infinite o's.How can it be anything else? Jump a thon in the morning and Fort Snelling trip at noon? Going wildly out of breath in the morning and hiking and exploring at noon? Counting and panting in the morning and enjoying the outdoors at noon? I could go on and on but you know what? Just let your CGI'er share it all with you - our first hand pickle-producers (wink wink).But don't catch your breath yet - or rather, that's a good idea. Catch some nice breaths and get ready for TOMORROWS AWESOME ACHDUS DAY!!!



Shehee, sheha, shehockey socky boomeROCKY!!

We might just have broken a record today for learning a new cheer super fast! But before you go to your camper to ask how it goes, I'll just have you know that today was such a rollin' smashin' BOWLIN' DAY! Just watch those young Gan Izzy'ers roll that ball off the slide like pros! And the older ones... I just hope those pins stay intact after your enthusiastic hurling of the ball, making it roll down those lanes like a plane about to take off!

After cheering our way back to camp for a much appreciated lunch, we ran right back outside for some swimming and other awesome things!

Our rocking lineup deserves a mention, with bunks sharing their new cheers, pickles of the day, and a collective agreement that "SheHEE! SheHA!" Etc.

See you tomorrow for more!

Awesome Wednesday!


Welcome to another day @ CGI!
In almost typical fashion, this morning found campers coming dressed in anything from pajamas to inside out shirts, and campers with their clothing and bunks all mixxety up!
You must have guessed it, Topsy turvy day!
Practically the only normal thing around was having fun!
Braiding jewelry with Mrs Meegan, our Topsy turvy fashion show, swimming and... secret I-spy-a-mitzva!
Pickle took on a new meaning today for the big G's... I mean, where else but CGI, and with who else but Esther, did you have such an awesome late night? With activities, barbecue and bonfire (mostly still in our pj's from the morning!), and that rocking spirit!! Go big G's! Go CGI!!!

24 Tammuz


Writing here on the bus back from Edin Borough Park, hearing the happy chattering and cheering from all our beloved campers, I can tell you we all definitely had a great time! A true Gan Edin... Jumping, sliding, climbing, riding, eating, cheering! In Adventure Park with the huge jungle gym, and Great Hall with the sports and bouncy castle! We were just sopping up the fun and having smiles galore! And best of all, we are on our way back to camp for some more fun! GO GAN IZZY!!

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