Lubavitch House

Our Shabbos and holiday hospitality includes warm beds, warm meals, and warm company. 

Kosher accommodations at your home away from home.

Lubavitch House is a large building surrounded by nature that includes a spacious dining hall with delicious meals cooked in our kosher commercial kitchen, a synagogue where regular prayer services and Torah readings take place, and 24 guest suites in four wings - each equipped with a number of warm beds, for all the comfort of home. The building is handicap accessible and child-friendly, including a reading lounge affectionately known as "Dov's Room", a toy room, a breakfast nook, and two outdoor playgrounds.

Guests from far and near stay here every Shabbos and on holidays. You're likely to meet someone from Israel or Iowa, Russia or Rome. There is always an interesting discussion, informative class, group activity, or celebratory gathering going on here. It is a hub for the whole spectrum of the Jewish community. That's why people of all kinds feel right at home here at Lubavitch House.

Please join us.

For details please email  [email protected]

Rabbi Feller and Rabbi Friedman say "Lechaim!"